Cotton-Ropkey House

In the year 1850, the ink was barely dry on Nathaniel Hawthorne's second novel The Scarlet Letter.  The United States of America was 10 years away from a Civil War which would forever change the landscape of our nation. And a lawyer from Illinois named Abraham Lincoln had just been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.  It was also in 1850, that the last nail was being placed in the newly built house of Isaac Cotton.

The Ecology Box girls love American History and our Hoosier roots run deep. So when we heard about this house we knew we had to see her in person.

At a 163 years old, she has seen many things come and go from the Indiana farmlands and she remains. One of the oldest surviving homes in Marian Co.

Standing in the front lawn you can hear the trees full of gray catbirds and feel the tall grass brush your knees.  You just know that she was once very beautiful.

She is a classic clapboard farmhouse built by the original owner Issac Cotton for his wife and son.  During the winter months Isaac taught school.  While during the summer he farmed, raised livestock and tending to his honey bees. He was good at tending to his honeybees, so much so that he was named president of the Indiana Bee-Keepers Association. Later, during the Civil War, he would serve as the local draft enrollment commissioner.
-via This Old House.

The home was sold to the Ropkey family in 1937 who owned it until it's purchase by the Kite Reality Group.  Wanting to give the old girl a chance, Kite has offered the home for sale for $1.00 to the buyer who will move the structure to a new site.
-via Indiana Landmarks

She is the kind of house that could easily break your heart or your pocket book. She is no walk in the park and has a lot of work ahead of her but time is running out before the developers will come calling.

If we had the money it would be a joy to shoo out the varmints, scrape off the old paint, tear out the rotting wood, bring the bees back and fill this home with a family again.

Can you picture it?