My birthday

Two things.
One, I had birthday this weekend. 
And two, I have some weird friends. 

Sometimes you just have weird friends. And it can be great because you can rejoice in your mutual weirdness together. Sometimes you have weird friends that do very weird things. 
Every now and then they do something that is both weird and wonderful. Such is the case this year with my birthday cake. 

To appreciate the work of art that was my birthday cake you must first become familiar with Joe Pug.  

Are you familiar with Joe Pug? You should be.

Ok some backstory.
In my art school days, sometime around October 2008, I went with my resident bestie and all around gal-pal SarahKate to see her favorite small time musician Justin Townes Earl at Radio Radio (Fountain Square) in Indianapolis. 

His opener was a floppy, curly mop-headed folk singer with a sweet deep baritone voice who went by the name Joe Pug.  

I love great stories told well and told in a way that can make feel like you have heard the oldest lessons in a brand new way. And this boy can write.  
Earnest, thoughtful, and intentional are just a few ways I could brand his folkie style but the best way is to just listen to him. Do yourself a favor and check out his website where he gives away some of his music for FREE. 

But back to the cake. This year my darling friends SarahKate and Kari (who also share a deep devotion to Joe) knew that no ordinary cake would do. So behold the Joe Pug confectionary delight. 

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes and love.


Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 8.03.02 PM.png