Lawson Farms

Hello little black cow, staring straight at me
I think at my apartment is where you outta be

You have such lovely eyes and a dewy, boxy nose
Would anyone notice if you came along with me

Cat and I had the best time last night out at Lawson Farms. A family run business, we got a tour of the farm straight from the... cows mouth. Cat came decked out in farm gear complete with knee-high wellies. I came in j-crew flats after forgetting to throw my boots in the car that morning. Brilliant.
Nothing says "I am serious, seasoned photographer" like ballet flats in a cow pasture. 

Mom (Tammy) and daughter (Kayleigh) showed us a lot of cows.
Fat cows, happy cows, round cows full of babies, and cows full of milk all happily milling around swathes of thick green grass.  
This is a family who loves what they do and loves teaching you about how they raise beautiful, happy cows. 


Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 6.19.31 AM.png