business cards

The Ecology Box is getting some new business cards screen printed! We are so excited by the sneak-peek we just recieved from the printer. 

Look at the colors in that ooey-gooey ink!

Can you see our mark on these or spot a little wagon?

Screen printing is the process of using a squeegee to push ink thru a specially-made screen. By masking off the areas you do not want ink to move thru you create the images.
These are made by coating the screen in a thin layer of a light sensitive emulsion solution. By exposing the screen to a high intensity light-table, the emolsion hardens where the light hits it and stays soft where it is covered by a design/pattern. The screen is then washed allowing the screen to show thru. You can see below the exposed emolsion dried to a bright purple. 

Our design as well as several others have been printed on a variety of papers with a multitude of different inks.

These cards are printed by the super nice and talented tind.
You can find out more on his site.