Historic Steer In

I love pie. I LOVE it. I LOVE LOVE LOOOVEEE pie.
Ok, I think we understand each other and can now move on.  

Part of this love of pie, in all it's splendid forms, extends to the search for the best pie in Indiana. My cohort in this endeavor is my neighbie, bestie and all around best-gal-pal SarahKate. Many of my Saturday mornings are spend with her, thrifting, hitting up farmers markets, seeking out creative stuff and discovering new places to eat.
It was in this same vein of thought that the search for pie began.   

Our first stop led us to Indianapolis historic Steer In Diner.
Right of the bat, you will notice that this building is fantastic*. They literally don't build'um like this anymore and for some reason I don't think anyone is trying. 

Famed for their Meatball Sandwich, SarahKate and I shared an order with a slice of apple pie on the side. To their credit they serve a damn good Meatball Sub, good flavors on a crisp toasted bun. The pie I would give a "eh" feeling towards. Not bad, not great, better than store bought but not as good as my mamas. I am currently refining a pie ranking system so stay tuned**. 

Great vibe, happy staff and Nom Nom worthy eats. Do yourself a favor and drive on down to the Steer In for some original local grub! 


*Why oh why did they replace the interiors original lighting with bad show home lighting from the early 90's? Take a seat, and look up. 

**What is most helpful in pie ranking? There is the obvious overall taste but what about portion size, crust texture, is it butter or lard? Is is baked in house but the filling out of a can? Is is served at the correct temperature? Is it pricey pie, can you buy whole pies? Do they bake it in ceramic or tin???
... I know what you are thinking. But I did tell you I loved pie. 

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 9.24.08 PM.png