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The Ecology Box is a place where the things we love are shared with the people we love.  Our family has a tradition of using old letterpress printer type cases to display personal keepsakes, mementos and treasures.  It was a special place where all of our family totems could be displayed. 

We are a sister-team, virtuoso of photography and design, dedicated to bringing you the best.  

Say hi to Cat!
Cat graduated from Indiana University with
a Bachelor of Art and Science degree in
Art History.

She has a Cavalier King Charles named Handsome Beast who is her partner in crime.  She loves her VW Jetta, all things gold, and faux fur.  Cat enjoys personal styling and a great scented candle.  Nothing makes her happier than the perfect red nail and the sun on her face. She loves a great tailgate and an ice cold Wee Mac.  Together she and Kelly make up the creative minds that are The Ecology Box.  

Say hi to Kelly!
Kelly has a degree in Visual Communication and Art History from Herron School of Art and Design.  

Kelly has a D-List famous cat named Tucker who has starred in many a photo shoot as a pirate, mountain goat, and samurai.   She is currently learning to play the Banjo and has a weakness for any Joe Pug song.  She also is an avid baker whose desserts are almost too beautiful to eat.  Painting, drawing, creating and working on the Wagoneer, are her some of her greatest passions.